RwN Update 1.01

Running with Ninjas will receive its first update (1.01) in the coming week or so.  This is a fairly minor update fixing a few bugs mostly and generally I won’t be posting about minor updates.  But there is one feature that I thought warranted this post:

Time Jutsu

The Time Scroll is a new scroll, whose idea came from a member of the Touch Arcade forums.  The reason for its inclusion was that players were finding the other scrolls too hard to execute.

Time Jutsu is executed with a simple diagonal swipe.  Upon triggering, time will slow down for a few seconds.  During this time players can either use it to better dodge incoming fire, or to easier execute another scroll.

The catch is that Time Jutsu costs 1 Jutsu character to perform.  There is only 1 scroll that would not be possible to perform after Time Jutsu as that costs 5 characters.  So although it will make it easier to execute your next scroll, there is a cost to such ease.  I wanted to give players an incentive to still perform the scrolls without this aide.  But the aide is still there should they need it.

Time Jutsu is automatically available from the start to all players.

Introducing – Running with Ninjas

With the new domain name, I have a new game released on the App Store.

Running with Ninjas is an endless runner mixed with a shoot ’em up.

Move your ninja by tilting the device like a steering wheel, jump with the left button and throw your ninja stars with the right.

You can also summon special attacks, if you have enough Jutsu meter, by using a unique drawing system.  Scrolls, which are earned by defeating bosses, teach you new patterns to draw.

The game will keep record of your best distance, score and combo.  Keep combos up to add to increase your score multiplier!

iTunes link.