RwN 1.02 – Game Center support

I just submitted the next update to Running With Ninjas.  This update includes Game Center support.

Apple have made it quite easy to implement Game Center into your App.  I will likely include it straight away in all my games from now on.

In RwN, we’ll have two leaderboards.  One for score and one for distance.  Originally, I was going to leave distance out, as I didn’t think it was necessary.  But an upcoming feature requires tracking your distance in a similar way, so to prepare for that I’ve added the extra leaderboard.

Also included are 10 achievements.  2 are hidden, as they’re very hard to get.  I nearly made all achievements hidden, but decided you should be able to get some hints on them in order to know what to aim for.

The update should be live in the next week or so.