Introducing – Running with Ninjas

With the new domain name, I have a new game released on the App Store.

Running with Ninjas is an endless runner mixed with a shoot ’em up.

Move your ninja by tilting the device like a steering wheel, jump with the left button and throw your ninja stars with the right.

You can also summon special attacks, if you have enough Jutsu meter, by using a unique drawing system.  Scrolls, which are earned by defeating bosses, teach you new patterns to draw.

The game will keep record of your best distance, score and combo.  Keep combos up to add to increase your score multiplier!

iTunes link.

ABMV submission in process

ABMV screenshot

So, ABMV is currently in process of submission to Apple.

This is the first time I’ve managed to get an App ready for submission, and the process has changed since I’ve started developing for iOS.  I’m going through the motions now, getting all the things needed (screen shots, distribution profile, website – you’re looking at it ;), etc).

I’ll post more about ABMV soon.  In a nutshell, it is not intended to be a great game (although I do hope it at least comes across as pretty good).  It is supposed to be my first dip into the ocean of game development.  I have many more game ideas (some have already begun development), which hopefully after releasing this first game I can get to work on and someday release.